August 28, 2020
           Intellectual capital terdiri atas sediaan dan aliran pengetahuan yang tersedia bagi suatu organisasi. Intellectual capital merupakan sumber daya tidak berwujud yang terdapat di dalam sumber daya yang berwujud (uang dan aset fisik) membentuk nilai pasar atau nilai keseluruhan suatu bisni. Bontis (1996;1998) mendefisinikan intellectual capital sebagai sumber daya tidak berwujud sebagai faktor-faktor selain berupa...
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HR consultants are generally called in to advise companies on a wide range of issues involving its workforce. For example, new companies may use their services to establish company policy and procedures and ensure they are complying with applicable laws regarding their employees, while in larger companies their services may involve establishing grievance mediation processes. In some cases, they may even go so far as to make recommendations for reorganizing a department’s leadership structure.